Meditation Videos

“Meditation carries us beyond the frustration of the senses,
beyond the limitation of the reasoning mind.
And, finally, meditation can present us with the breath of perfection. “

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy leads the opening meditation to the world Parliament of Religions held in Barcelona 2004. After a few minutes of silence Sri Chinmoy also plays the Esraj.

  • Meditative Music – Sri Chinmoy plays the Esraj. The Esraj is an Indian instrument. Sri Chinmoy plays meditative music.
  • Harmonious Heart – Sri Chinmoy plays the Harmonium and sings devotional songs


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” In essence meditation is the simple practise of becoming aware of our true nature, our inner self. However we are not used to having a silent mind. Its difficult to stop our thoughts therefore in the beginning it is necessary to practise different techniques and disciplines which will help to quieten the mind. Also it is of great benefit to be able to take the inspiration of a Spiritual Teacher, somebody who mastered the heights of meditation and thus is in a position to inspire us. A real teacher teaches in silence by awakening our own dormant spiritual consciousness. “

– Sri Chinmoy