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  • Meditation-Silence 18: Loving Yourself

    Meditation-Silence 18: Loving Yourself

    In this series we are presenting quotes by Sri Chinmoy in combination with a video showing him in meditation, to help seekers find their way into the spiritual world. Today’s episode is called “Loving Yourself” and incorporates the following quote: “If we love ourselves in an emotional or egotistical way, then we are limiting and […]

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  • Mountain Silence in Zermatt

    Mountain Silence in Zermatt

    Mountain Silence perform in a church in the Swiss Alps.

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  • Music Lecture

    Music Lecture

    In this lecture excerpt Sri Chinmoy speaks about the spiritual significance of music and songs. “Music is the beauty of God’s creation. Song is the fragrance of God’s creation. Music awakens us to a sublime height. Song delights us, our life within and our life without.” – Sri Chinmoy Edit & Camera: Mridanga Spencer Copyright: […]

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  • Early Meditations of Sri Chinmoy

    Early Meditations of Sri Chinmoy

    This video brings you some of the early meditations of Sri Chinmoy, captured in the years 1986-1988 on Super-8 film and later digitized. The total length is 33:12 min. Camera & Edit: Kedar Misani Copyright: © 1986-2013 Sri Chinmoy        

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  • Sri Chinmoy in Milan 2005

    Sri Chinmoy in Milan 2005

    In the end of May 2005 Sri Chinmoy visited Italy and offered three public concerts in Milan and Turin. This video covers the highlights of the Milan performances. Watch the Turin performance here. Duration: 1:13 h Edit & Camera: Kedar Misani Copyright: © 2009 Sri Chinmoy      

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