Spiritual music, singing and meditation


Sri Chinmoy saw music as an effective means of spiritual progress, and encouraged many musicians, maestros and his own students in the pursuit of spiritual excellence in and through music. Full list of Sri Chinmoy’s and of his students music videos.


Spiritual music and singing

In this lecture excerpt Sri Chinmoy speaks about the spiritual significance of music and songs.


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Peace Concerts by Sri Chinmoy

On 19 September 2007, 22 days before his passing on 11 October 2007, Sri Chinmoy gave his last public peace concert in St. Petersburg in Russia.

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The experience of singing

Adarsha Kelly talks about his experiences of singing Sri Chinmoy’s songs. Adarsha is blessed with a beautiful voice and frequently performs the songs of Sri Chinmoy acapella.

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Music, mantra and meditation

In this interview, Sri Chinmoy speaks about how music and meditation can go together.

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Music concerts by students of Sri Chinmoy

The music group “Mountain-Silence” accompanied the mass in the church of the well-known Swiss mountain village.

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