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  • Oneness-Dream in Tuscany

    Oneness-Dream in Tuscany

    In the spring of 2017, Oneness-Dream performed 31 concerts during a singing tour of Tuscany in Italy. The all male choir, Oneness-Dream, is dedicated to performing the music of Sri Chinmoy, singing his songs acapella. This video includes photos of the tour with music from the concerts.

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  • “Oneness-Dream” tour 2017 in Tuscany

    “Oneness-Dream” tour 2017 in Tuscany

    ONENESS-DREAM, an a cappella choir, initiated by Snatak, regularly visit countries to perform a selection of songs of Sri Chinmoy in spiritual places, churches and abbeys to bring modern spirituality in ancient venues. In April 2017, the group went to Tuscany, Italy.

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  • Oneness-Dream tour of Ireland

    Oneness-Dream tour of Ireland

    During April 2016, Oneness-Dream – 14 students of Sri Chinmoy visited 18 holy places in Ireland and performed over 50 different English songs during their many concerts.

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  • Oneness-Dream performance in St. Mary’s Cathedral

    Oneness-Dream performance in St. Mary’s Cathedral

    In April of 2016, “Oneness-Dream”, a group of 14 students of Sri Chinmoy toured Ireland to perform the Master’s music in 18 historical and sacred places. These songs were all recorded in the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny. Watch also the summary of the whole concert tour here. Produced by kedarvideo, Switzerland

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  • Songs of the Soul concert Malta 2016

    Songs of the Soul concert Malta 2016

    The latest in a series of concerts by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

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  • “Oneness-Dream” performs in Malta

    “Oneness-Dream” performs in Malta

    On January 16th, 2016, the “Oneness-Dream” singers performed in the Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Valletta (Malta).

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