Sri Chinmoy Centre

A selection of videos relating to activities by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. This includes musical concerts, running events, art exhibitions and divine enterprises.

Music performed by Sri Chinmoy Centre
  • Kailash on self-transcendence

    Kailash on self-transcendence

    In this video, Kailash talks about what he understands by the concept of self-transcendence; he explains how self-transcendence is the process of going deeper in meditation and understanding more about our real nature. Kailash also explains how sport can help us to practise a form of self-transcendence that can be then used in other areas […]

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  • LIFE Voices 39: Ultra-Runner Vajin Armstrong

    LIFE Voices 39: Ultra-Runner Vajin Armstrong

    An interview with ultra-runner Vajin Armstrong, who was recently first in the Swiss Alpine Marathon in Davos, Switzerland during July 2016. The interview was conducted in Zurich shortly after his period of running through the Swiss alps. Vajin reveals how he combines sports and spirituality, and gives advice for new runners.

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  • Conversations about meditation

    Conversations about meditation

    Varunavi and Amaravati, students of Sri Chinmoy from Slovakia, talk about meditation and how it has helped them.

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  • Ashrita on breaking records and meditation

    Ashrita on breaking records and meditation

    In this entertaining video, Ashrita Furman gives an inspiring talk on his many Guinness World records and how meditation is the key to his success. It is a live recording in English with German translation; it was recorded before the Impossibility Challenger Games in Munich in 2002.

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  • A childhood meeting with Sri Chinmoy

    A childhood meeting with Sri Chinmoy

    Devashishu Torpy has been a disciple of Sri Chinmoy for over 35 years. In this video he remembers an occasion where, by coincidence, he met Sri Chinmoy in Central London. Devashishu recalls how meeting Sri Chinmoy in the street gave him his first powerful experience of meditation.

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  • ‘Peace and power’ – the organ music of Sri Chinmoy

    ‘Peace and power’ – the organ music of Sri Chinmoy

    In this video, Grahak Cunningham talks about his experience of listening to a live organ performance by Sri Chinmoy. The performance was during a Peace Concert at the Riverside Church, NY in 2005. Grahak explains the feeling of power, peace and energy emanating from the organ, and how the audience reacted to the intensity of […]

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