Sri Chinmoy Centre

A selection of videos relating to activities by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre. This includes musical concerts, running events, art exhibitions and divine enterprises.

The first Sri Chinmoy Centres were founded by Sri Chinmoy in the late 1960s. They provide a focal point for students of Sri Chinmoy to meet and participate together in spiritual activities such as meditation and spiritual singing. As well as offering an opportunity for meditating together the Sri Chinmoy Centre’s are involved in many activities such as offering meditation classes, offering concerts and organising running races.


Music performed by Sri Chinmoy Centre
  • What is a good meditation?

    What is a good meditation?

    Nripatri talks about the value of meditation and what constitutes a ‘good’ meditation. Nripatri also expresses the essence of Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy and the experience of meditating with Sri Chinmoy in person.

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  • Banshidhar – Grace and meditation

    Banshidhar – Grace and meditation

    Banshidhar talks about the essence of meditation on Sri Chinmoy’s Path. In his own experience, Banshidhar felt the inner teaching of his Master was to develop his capacity for love. Meditation was not so much a particular technique but the power of Grace.

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  • Banshidhar – maintaining your aspiration

    Banshidhar – maintaining your aspiration

    Banshidhar Medeiros has been a disciple of Sri Chinmoy for nearly 40 years. In this video, he talks about the challenges of maintaining your aspiration and spiritual life through ‘dry periods of meditation.’ Speaking from personal experience, Banshidhar suggests the most important thing is to keep going through the transient difficulty and bear in mind […]

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  • Pradhan – Eternity’s Father

    Pradhan – Eternity’s Father

    Pradhan Balter shares an illumining experience shortly after the passing of his father. He explains how Sri Chinmoy expressed his concern and love for both Pradhan and his recently deceased father.

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  • On Sri Chinmoy’s Path – Kokila

    On Sri Chinmoy’s Path – Kokila

    Kokila Chamberlain talks about the experience of being on Sri Chinmoy’s Path. She explains a ‘typical’ function and the spontaneous nature of Sri Chinmoy’s approach. Kokila also explains what drew her to Sri Chinmoy’s Path.

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  • “Oneness-Dream” tour 2017 in Tuscany

    “Oneness-Dream” tour 2017 in Tuscany

    ONENESS-DREAM, an a cappella choir, initiated by Snatak, regularly visit countries to perform a selection of songs of Sri Chinmoy in spiritual places, churches and abbeys to bring modern spirituality in ancient venues. In April 2017, the group went to Tuscany, Italy.

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